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It’s important to us that you feel supported and enjoy the experience of working with QDAC Services Ltd.

Covering a wide range of services, we get asked many questions along the way and we will work with you to answer and explain each of them in detail. Continue reading for our answers to the most commonly asked questions and check back often for updates.

If you have other questions not answered here, we are only too happy to have a chat. Get in touch today.

From when the job has been approved, QDAC Services will submit all council permits and WH&S regulated documentation. The site will be assessed and exclusion zones set up ready for the demolition. We try our best to recycle as many products as possible, this process is done usually by hand. Once the recycling aspect is completed, an excavator is usually used to demolish the rest of the building ensuring that the building implodes on itself. All materials are carted away to the nearest transfer station and the area is left in a natural state.

When removing asbestos our company takes every precaution for the safety of the public and our staff. Before commencing any asbestos removal verbal notification and a letter drop is done to all bordering neighbours of the property. This ensures that all questions regarding the works are answered prior to the commencement of the works. This helps to ease the minds of everyone. All WH&S documentation will be submitted prior to removal. The site is always set up so that no one can enter the site whilst the removal is being done. Depending on the type of asbestos and area which is being removed will depend of which procedure will be implemented.

Our company travels throughout, Far North, North West, Northern, Central West, South West, Mackay and Fitzroy. We also travel to all the outer Islands.

No project is to small for QDAC Services. We do anything from small repair jobs to renovations to new builds. We work to your budget, needs and schedule. We will endeavour to make the process as enjoyable and smooth for everyone involved. From start to finish we are there for you.

All our machines can be hired out on an hourly rate or the job can be quoted accordingly.

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